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LED High Bay Retrofit Utility

LED High Bay Lighting Project Utility Company Indianapolis, Indiana

Here are a couple of photos of a 60’ high warehouse at Indianapolis Power and Light facility where they were using 400w High Pressure Sodium lamps and we replaced with 185 watt, 5000K daylite white light  LED HIGH BAY Fixtures.  Customer was looking for an LED Light which provided a much brighter light.  They got it as shown on the photo and these were mounted at 60’ high.  Notice the brightness of the new lights getting rid of the yellowish light of the HPS lamps.  These lights are on 24/7.

Cob Light Versus LED

Cob Light HPS versus LED

You can see the big difference in a High Pressure Sodium lamp versus a 5000K LED Day Bright white lamp. Again old school lighting used these orange looking lights which were soft looking but hard to see underneath them. LED 5000K Day Bright white lights just make the area look so much better. Workers love the Day Bright 5000K lights.

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