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LED Airplane Hangar Lighting

Airplane Hangar LED Strip Light Conversion

Executive Airport Private Airplane Hangar

The main objectives in converting to LED’s were to:

  1. Increase Light Levels
  2. Reduce energy consumption.

To accomplish your objectives I have quoted Neu-Tech’s LED Super Strip retrofit kits.  Retrofitting your existing fixture vs buying new has several benefits to allow to take advantage of the advancing LED market.  The quoted (4) strip kit will meet your primary objectives over a extended period of time giving you better light levels, reduced energy consumption with an extended life expectancy to reduce maintenance for many years going forward.

High Bay LED Light Airplane Hangar

High Bay LED light Airplane Hangar

Super Strip Retrofits Brighten Up The Hangar….Mechanics Love Them

  1. A (4) strip SuperStrip kit will increase lumen output by 20%; 36,000 lumens to 30,000.
  2. Because LED is a directional light and T5’s are round, there is no ‘light loss’ for the up-light that bounces of the reflector.  Therefore light levels should be increase by approximately 25%
  3. The Super Strip draws around 200w for a (4) strip kit; decreasing  energy consumption by approximately 154 watts per hour or about 44% in energy savings.

100,000 Hour Lifespan Eliminates Maintenance for Many Years

At 100,000 hours life expectancy; the Super Strip will last 4 times longer than a T5 bulb.  At 12 hours a day usage, 365 days per year.

Customer was extremely pleased with the light output and the energy savings.

Another Successful Installation by one of our LED Lighting Professionals.

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