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High Bay LED Lighting retrofit project


Here you will find an up to date list of LED lighting projects we have worked on in the past. We have worked with thousands of customers over the last 10 years which makes us an expert authority that you can trust with your LED lighting needs.


Lutheran Church Loves LED Lighting

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1000W LED Retrofit In Shopping Center

One of Neu-Tech Energy Solutions LED lighting experts upgraded this shopping center in California from a 1000w LED light to a 280w light. Payback was under 2 years.

RV Dealer Upgrades Parking Lot to LED For More Security

This RV dealer called in one of Neu-Tech Energy Solutions LED Lighting experts to help them upgrade their existing metal halide lights to LED. They were having issues with stealing and the new 280W LED lights stopped the stealing.

RV LED parking lot lighting

Large Car Parking Lot Retrofits From 1000W to 280W

For the automotive industry we do a lot of LED Retrofit lighting. What you see here are the original 1000W Metal Halide lamps that most national car lots have in their parking lot. We retrofit them with a 280W LED light. We also retrofit their 250W wall packs,  high bays, recessed cans, and service department fluorescent lights with our new LED Super strip lights.

LED parking lot light

Fluorescent Tubes To LED Strips

LED Super Strip Retrofit: 242W to 104W and now they can finally see the writing on the labels of the packages. 100,000 hour lifespan.  This is a  100,000 Square Foot warehouse that was using (96”)Double T12 High Output Lamps. They were spending $3000 a year in maintenance  T12 Lamps. Our LED Super Strips will eliminate their lighting maintenance for the next 10 Plus years, reduce energy by 57% and increase output by 30%

High Bay LED Retrofit

Here are a couple of photos of a 60’ high warehouse at Indianapolis Power and Light facility where they were using 400w High Pressure Sodium lamps and we replaced with 185 watt, 5000K daylite white light  LED HIGH BAY Fixtures.  Customer was looking for an LED Light which provided a much brighter light.

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LED Parking Lot Retrofit Office Building

LED Parking Lot Retrofit Light

295W to ONLY 100W

At a local Southwestern Ohio office/retail complex parking lot we recently retrofitted 25 existing shoe box fixtures with 250w lamps which were drawing 295w per hour.

66% Energy Savings

The LED Retrofit kits we used were 100w which saved thecustomer 66% in electricity and the payback was ONLY about 20 months including installation.  Also the light output improved as the metal halide lamps degraded about 45% in the first 2 years of use.


Airplane Hangar LED Strip Light Conversion

Executive Airport Private Airplane Hangar

The main objectives in converting to LED’s were to:

  1. Increase Light Levels
  2. Reduce energy consumption.


More Information On Airplane Hangar Lighting

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