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 Gallery of LED Light Installations

Over the last 10 Plus years we have sold over 30,000 LED lights and light fixtures around the world as a result here is a short gallery of our LED light installations.While 90% of them are in the US similarly  we have lights in South America, South Africa, England, Sweden and other places. We receive a lot of pictures from customers. Here are just a few. Whatever you have we have probably seen the fixture or retrofitted something very close. We focus on commercial LED lighting installations and industrial LED light installations. We do not work with any residential projects. 

LED Church Lights

In the past few years we have worked with hundreds of Churches across the country. What we have found is that many Churches are using older incandescent, halogen and metal halide lights on their property and in their sacristies. Some are very hard to retrofit to an LED. We have searched and found LED retrofits for many of the lights and have worked out an LED retrofit for most. See some of the pictures below. 

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