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Parking Lot Lights

From $125.00 Each

Are you looking to upgrade your energy wasting metal halide or high pressure sodium lamps to LED and save money and eliminate your maintenance for 10 plus years?

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All LED Parking Lot Lights Are NOT The Same!

We have literally sold thousands and thousands of LED Retrofit lights for parking lots. We work with electrical contractors, Fortune 500 Companies and the Church down the street. Over the past 10 years the LED Technology has been changing at warp speed. Depending upon your application there are about 5 different styles of LED parking lot lights you can choose from that will work for your application.

What Do I Need To Know About Replacing My Old Parking Lot Light?

What we need to know about you application is the following in order to get you the right light for the right price.

  1. Your budget
  2. Wattage and Voltage of existing light
  3. Height of existing light
  4. Application; hotel, church, office building, hospital, restaurant….
  5. Quantity of lights
  6. Layout of existing lights…perimeter lights and lights in middle of lot

Today in order to get the right light we need to find out what kind of light you really need. If you have a hotel or restaurant you will need bright light or more lumen count so your customers feel safe. If you have an office building in a safe part of town you may not need as much bright light or lumen count and we can get you less wattage for less money. If you have a lot of perimeter lights we will provide you a light that has what we call Type III optics. This means that your light will light up the ground in front of your light and not the grass behind the light. We will put the light where you need it. Some lights do not provide this option and once there up your stuck with them for 10 plus years.

Call us and talk to us…we won’t bite or try to hard sell you parking lot lights. We want to make sure you get the right light for the best price. Call 513-702-3533 / 513-325-1623 / 407-230-9096 / 262-707-7288 These are our Cell Phones we will not put you on hold or send you to another extension.

LUMEN Count LUMEN Count Lumen Count…..

Beware of really cheap prices online. As I mentioned above this business is changing at warp speed. 10 years ago we were selling LED chips that were rated at 70 Lumen per watt. Today they are 150-180 lumen per watt. It has more than doubled in the past 10 years. 6 months from now it will be higher. When will it stop we don’t know. What you don’t want to do is buy an inexpensive light that has older chip technology because they can’t get rid of them. Make sure you get the latest and greatest chips available. If you keep these for 10 years there will be a difference in energy savings from a chip that gives you 150 lumen per watt and 100 lumen per watt.

$50.00 Over 10 Years Is Not A Lot of Money

Price is certainly a big consideration to most people but…..it should not be the only consideration. Think about this…LED lights will last anywhere from 50,000 hours to 100,000 hours. If you leave your parking lot lights on average about 12 hours a day per year that’s about 4380 hours per year. So if your lights last 50,000 hours that is about 10 years. What I am saying is make sure you get the right light NOW because they will last about 10+ years and if one with better warranty and better lumen count is $50 more than the other over a 10 year period that is not a whole lot of money.

From $125

A lot of electricians and other companies are selling LED Corn Cob Lights To replace existing parking lot lights.

LED Corn Cob Lights
LED Corn Cob Lights

While the price is definitely a consideration in the long run this would not be our best choice to replace an existing parking lot light. What you have now is probably a metal halide or high pressure sodium lamp. These lamps and the Corn Cob above provide light in a 360 degree circle. The top part of the light has to hit a reflector to get light to the ground. You lose about 40% of this light. Yes it’s inexpensive and will work in some locations but we do not recommend it for 90% of the applications we work with daily.

Give us a call and let us know what you are trying to accomplish and will help your figure out a parking lot light replacement for you that will work with your budget and do the job you want.

Call 513-702-3533 / 513-325-1623 / 407-230-9096 / 262-707-7288 These are our Cell Phones we will not put you on hold or send you to another extension.

LED Retrofit Lights There Are Differences!

Here are two different LED Retrofit lights.

The LED Retrofit on the left has a much better chip on the board and has a longer lifespan and does have a DLC Premium rating. You will have to pay about $40 more for this LED Retrofit than the standard unit on the right. Is it worth and extra $40 over 10 years we think so but it is entirely up to you. Prices on these LED Retrofits start at $150 and go up according to wattage and lumen count needed.

Find Out More….Call 513-702-3533 / 513-325-1623 / 407-230-9096 / 262-707-7288 These are our Cell Phones we will not put you on hold or send you to another extension.

Are New LED Parking Lot Lights More Expensive?

The short answer is no. 5 years ago the answer was yet they are more expensive but today the price of a new fixture is very close to that of a LED Retrofit light. Again starting at $150 you can get a new fixture. A new fixture may take longer to install because some of the old shoeboxes have been up there a long time and are rusted on. But you will have new and nicer looking fixture for the next 10 plus years.

Find Out More….Call 513-702-3533 / 513-325-1623 / 407-230-9096 / 262-707-7288 These are our Cell Phones we will not put you on hold or send you to another extension. We want to help you pick out the best light for your application. We have worked with Fortune 500 Companies to the Church down the street. We even worked with a few Gold Mines In South Africa. No pressure just help.

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Thank you for taking the time to review our information on picking out the right parking lot light. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

The Neu-Tech Team

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