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Top LED Retrofit

This Is Our Most Popular LED Parking Lot Light

LED Retrofit

LED Retrofit

The Way It Was 10 Years Ago

Over the past 10 years we have retrofitted over 25,000 LED parking lot lights across the country. It all started with a nice screw in design with 70 lumen per watt and now we are close to 150 lumen per watt. What a difference. So the way it was we were using 120w lights at 70 lumen per watt…that’s 8400 lumen now we are using 120W lights with about 135 lumen per watt or 16,200 lumen count to replace existing 400W metal halide lamps. What a huge difference. We have specialist that can help you pick out the right light with the right specs. These specifications mean a lot to us when choosing the right light…..

  1. This unit has UL and DLC certifications
  2. We use Cree Chips in this unit which are high quality
  3. They use Meanwell Drivers which are top of the line based our our selling thousands of these units.
  4. This unit is very easy to install and can be accomplished in about 30 minutes
  5. The 120W unit that replaces a 400W unit has 16,200 Lumens which is plenty for most applications
  6. The factory is ISO 9000 certified which means they meet the highest manufacturing specifications


This Is Our Top Of The Line LED Retrofit

Parking Lot LED Retrofit

LED parking lot light retrofit

The main reason is this unit has the DLC Premium certification which means it meets the toughest specifications of the Design Lights Consortium.

1. This unit has a 5 Year Warranty on the Meanwell Driver and a 10 Year Warranty on the LED Head. 

2. The factory is ISO 9000 certified which means it meets the toughest manufacturing specifications.

3. They use Nichea Chips which are the best available on the market today.

4. They use Meanwell Drivers which are the best on the market today.

5. The 120W units delivers 15,236 Lumens which is plenty for most parking lot applications. The Lumens Per Watt is 131.8.

6. This unit is easy to retrofit and only takes about 30 minutes to accomplish.

7. Cost is very good compared to all others.

180 Degree LED Parking Lot Light Replacement

LED parking lot retrofit

LED parking lot retrofit

Lower Cost Great Choice If It Fits.

If you are looking for a lower cost unit to replace your existing LED parking lot lights this could be the best choice.

  1. This unit is available in wattages of 27, 38, 54, 75, 95, and 115.
  2. Replaces 100W to 400W Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium Lights
  3. UL, CUL and DLC Listed. 5 Year Warranty, Phillips Chips
  4. E39 Base very easy to install. Should only take about 20 minutes to install
  5. Rotates 270 Degree so you can point the light where you want
  6. 90 Degree Optics available along with 150 Degree or Type III
  7. ISO 9000 Factory Certification

This is a great unit and works well. Please make sure this will fit into your existing shoebox fixture. These are a little long so that needs to be checked before ordering.

Lower Cost LED Corn Cob Light

LED Corn Cob Lights

LED Corn Cob Lights

A lot of people call and ask about using a Corn Cob LED light to replace a 250W or 400W parking lot light.

We do not recommend using these for parking lot lights. While they are less expensive you only get the use of 50% of the light because they put out 360 degrees of light and half of the light is pointing up at the reflector and this will be lost.

They work great for Post Top Lights, Canopy lights and more but for parking lot lights the units above work so much better.


A New Shoebox May Be Your Best Choice If….

  1. Your existing shoebox is old and rusty.
  2. You want a new and more modern look.
  3. New shoeboxes are not that much more than a retrofit.

If you’re existing Shoebox lights are older and you feel that you may need a new LED Shoebox there are several choices available. The prices are now very compatible to the LED Retrofit lights. We can help you with either a Retrofit or New LED Light Fixture.

New LED Show Box

New LED Shoebox







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