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Church LED Parking Lot Lights

Churches Love Their LED Parking Lot Lights

The main reason is safety. Most churches have early morning or late night services or functions. With that in mind there are a lot of people heading to the church when it is dark. In the past most churches had older metal halide of high pressure sodium parking lot light installed. Over the years these lights while still work proved about 20% of the light they use to and it makes for a very unsafe parking lot area.

New LED Retrofit Lights Or New LED Light Fixtures

The cost to keep a lot full of 400W shoebox lights on is costly for a church. The return on investment to update a church parking lot is usually under two years in most cases. In some of the states we deal with the pay back is even less. In Alaska the cost per KW is about $.18 per Kwh.

We Love Dealing With Churches And Offer Church Discounts

Here is a small list of some of the churches we have dealt with over the past 10 years.

Archdiocese of Cincinnati Cincinnati OH 12/11/2013
Beautifule Savior Lutheran Church Bloomfield Hills MI 9/22/2014
Bethlehem Lutheran Church LaPorte IN 9/17/2013
Beulah Baptist Church Sun Bury NC 10/15/2014
Calvary Chapel of Honolulu Aiea HI 11/6/2016
Calvary Lutheran Church Mt. Airy MD 1/6/2014
Calvary Temple Church Concord CA various
Chinese Baptist Church Coral Springs FL 6/10/2016
Christ Community Church Ft. Meyers FL 1/4/2016
Church of Christ Bonita CA 1/29/2015
Church of Latter Day Saints Aurora CO 8/30/2016
Church of Latter Day Saints Aurora CO 8/18/2016
Cornerstone Church Bowie MD 10/7/2015
Crosspointe Community Church Wayne MI 6/2/2016
Ephesus Church Rincon GA 12/17/2014
First Assembly Church of GOD Rapid City SD 12/5/2015
First Baptist Church Spring Hill TN 8/22/2016
First Baptist Church Trussville AL 5/13/2016
First Churh of God Indiana PA 10/31/2014
First Southern Baptist Church Prescott Valley AZ 6/6/2016
Flemingsburg Baptist Church Flemingsburg KY 11/5/2015
Flemingsburg Baptist Church Flemingsburg KY 1/10/2016
Good Shepherd Episcopal Sun Prairie WI 11/20/2014
Grace Bible Presbyterian Cincinnati OH 7/4/1905
Grace EV Lutheran Church Menomonee Falls WI 8/8/2016
Hephatha Lutheran Church Milwaukee OH 4/7/2016
Hayward Weslyan Church Hayward WI 10/7/2013
Hilltop Baptist Church Blairsville PA 9/10/2015
Hilltop Baptist Church Blairsville PA 9/10/2015
Holy Spirit Catholic Church Lee’s Summit MO 8/19/2014
Imact Family Church High Springs FL 10/20/2014
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witness Suwanee GA 6/23/2015
Lutheran Church of Christ Madison WI 9/10/2016
Meadow Brook Church Ocala FL 7/1/2014
New Leaf United Methodist Church Conneaut OH 12/14/2015
New Life Church Colorado Springs CO 9/1/2016
Oasis Chuch Garland TX 11/17/2014
People of Hope Rochester MN 1/27/2012
River Hills Christian Church Cincinnati OH 7/7/1905
Saint Theresa Catholic Church Souix Falls SD 1/6/2016
Shepherd Desert Lutheran Church Scottsdale AZ 4/14/2016
Shepherd Desert Lutheran Church Scottsdale AZ 4/14/2016
Sisters of Charity Cincinnati OH various
Springbrook Community Church Huntley IL 8/16/2016
Springbrook Community Church Huntley IL 3/10/2016
St, Agatha Parish Columbus OH 3/15/2016
St. Agnes Cincinnati OH 10/1/2013
St. Anne’s Parish Cincinnati OH 6/10/2013
St. Christopher Parish Midlothian IL 8/3/2015
St. Hiliary Parish Fairlawn OH 10/7/2015
St. Patrick’s Catholic Chuch Oak Grove MN 6/27/2014
Temple Baptist Church Mims FL 2/11/2015
Temple Beth-EL Lancaster PA 12/11/2013
Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Cburch West Bend WI 9/29/2014
Victory Chapel Hyannis MA 10/3/2016
Westside Chuch of Christ Hamilton OH 12/30/2014
Willis Baptist Church Willis MI 8/30/2016
Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Waukesha WI 3/23/2015
Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary Mequon WI 10/25/2014
Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary Mequon WI 2/16/2015
Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary Mequon WI 5/12/2016

Stories Of Church Lighting

In one case the church was growing so much that they were parking people in a grass field. At that point they only had a few lights in the field to help with lighting. They were thinking about buying some lights off the internet and did not think about what kind of optics may be available to light up the field a little better. In a lot of cases if you don’t ask questions you may get lights that work OK but not great. The thing you have to keep in mind is you won’t be replacing these for maybe 10 plus years.

Lights Last 50,000 to 100,000 Hours….Make Sure You Buy What You Need

LED parking lot lights come with a variety of options these days. One in particular is OPTICS. When we sell LED parking lot lights we need to know how many of the lights will be on the perimeter and how many will be in the middle of the lot. We have optics for perimeter lighting that light up the parking lot light not the grass behind the pole. These optics are called Type 3. We have type 5 optics that are more rounded so they belong in the middle of the lot so they light up around the pole not just underneath the pole.

In the case of the field lighting we wanted to make sure they got a type 5 optics on their LED parking lot lights because we could put a Slip Fitter on the light and position it at an angle to throw more light in the field. Without this knowledge they may have bought a light with out the slip fitter and only got lighting under the pole and not in the field.

Call Your Experienced Lighting Experts Next Time You Need To Update Your Lights.

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