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LED Parking Lot Lights

New Or Retrofit Which One Should I Choose?

Today the cost of a new LED parking lot light fixture is close to that of a LED Retrofit parking lot light. It depends upon the wattage and the voltage. The payback is usually under 2 years for most projects.

With over 40,000 retrofits under our belt we can tell you that in most cases we have a retrofit that is easy to install and is less money than a new fixture. But…..if your old fixtures look bad we can get you a brand new fixture for a great price that will work for you application. Today we have more choices than you can imagine in replacing older parking lot lighting.

True Story About Church In Anchorage, Alaska That Updated Their  Parking Lot Lights

$288 Per Year Energy Savings On Just One Light

Because it is so dark in Alaska during a good part of the year outdoor parking lot lighting is very important. Like most churches or parking lot light applications they were using 400W Metal Halide lamps in their shoe boxes. We retrofitted their existing 400w shoe box fixtures with our 120w LED Retrofit lights which increased the lighting in the parking lots and the electricity saved was 74% which amounted to about $288 per year savings per fixture and the payback was less than 15 months.

LED Parking Lot Light

LED Parking Lot Light

LED Parking Lot Light

LED Parking Lot Light Front Of Church

New LED Parking Lot Light Fixtures Cost Have Come Down A Lot In The Last Few Years

In the past the cost difference between a LED Retrofit Light and a New LED Light Fixture was a minimum of $100. Today the cost between a LED Retrofit Light and a New LED Light Fixture may be $30-$50.

NEW Could Be Better Than Retrofit But….

It really depends upon the age of the existing fixtures, the shape of the existing fixtures and the looks of the existing fixtures. We can pretty much install a LED Retrofit into about 99% of all existing LED parking lot fixtures. Today we have 4 different ways to retrofit an existing shoebox light fixture. Like all things there is good better and best. The good in LED lights is a lower cost retrofit light with 50,000 hour lifespan. The better is one with 70,000 lifespan and the best is one with 100,000 hour lifespan.

How To Pick Out The Right LED Light Fixture of Retrofit

LED chips come from many different manufacturers. Some factories are much better than others and their chips last longer, have better CRI, provide more lumen per watt and are made with higher quality products. The facts are NOT ALL LED CHIPS ARE MADE THE SAME. We only sell products that have a minimum of 5 years warranty. That tells us we are getting a much higher quality chip. Before you buy look at lifespan, warranty, CRI, lumen per watt….make sure it is the highest available on the market today.



Please ask one of our LED lighting consultants is new or retrofit is the best way to do on your application? We can help you make the right choice and show you how much you can save and give you a great payback.


This is one of our new LED Parking Lot Lighting Retrofit lights. Check it out. It is the easiest way to retrofit older parking lot lights today. This unit just screws right into the older existing base. All you need to do it disconnect the ballast and wire this direct. This comes in several different wattages. We recently just did a parking lot retrofit that needed more light in between poles so we installed a 150W unit like this and it did a great job. You can see the lights on the side are tilted a bit so it spreads the light out more on both sides. The customer is very happy. The install took about 20 minutes each. Need pricing give us a call. Pricing and lumen counts change daily. We strive to get you the most updated chips and products available.

Call our Main Number 513-703-3533 we will find someone near you to help you out.

180 Degree Corn Cob Shoebox Retrofit

180 Degree LED Retrofit For Parking Lot Lighting

This is another one of our LED Parking Lot Light retrofit lights that we have available to update your existing parking lot poles. If you need direct lighting underneath your parking lot pole this is a great fit. Again this only takes about 20 minutes to update and the price is very inexpensive. Call one of our LED Lighting Experts to get the latest prices on this light. We strive to make sure you get the latest chips available. Others who stock LED lights may have older chips and not the latest and greatest available.

Parking Lot Light Fixture
Slim Line Parking Lot Light

If you need a new LED Parking lot light this is the way to go. This is our Slim Line Unit. We will make sure you have the latest and greatest LED Chips available. LED Chip Technology changes every few months it seems. 6 months ago Chips were putting out about 120 lumen per watt today they are putting out 130 plus lumes per watt. It is changing daily. This is a 10 year decision so make sure you get the latest LED parking lot light available.

LED parking lot plant
LED parking lot plant
automobile LED parking lot light
automobile parking lot light
400W LED Parking Lot Retrofit
400W LED Parking Lot Retrofit
Shopping Center Parking Lot
Shopping Center Parking Lot

These are just of few of the jobs we have done over the last 10 years. Call one our LED lighting experts. 513-702-3533 we can help you with the right light at the right price with the latest chips available.


LED Retrofit Lights

Let the professionals at Neu-Tech Energy Solutions show you how to pick out the correct LED Parking Lot light fixture for your application. Today there are so many choices and so many new specifications to think about when ordering an LED parking lot light. We can help you make the right choice.

LED parking lot lights

How To Pick Our The Right Bracket

If you are buying a new LED light fixture you will need to make sure you pick out the right bracket for the application. There are a variety of brackets available that connect the new LED lights fixtures to your pole. We have Slip Fitters, Direct Mount Square or Round and Yoke mount.



Have you considered the different optic levels now available to specify when purchasing a new LED light fixture? Are you currently lighting up the grass under your perimeter light fixture. We can changes that by helping you order the right light with the proper optics that will light up the parking lot not the grass. Cal the LED lighting professionals to help you pick out the proper LED Parking Lot light for your application.

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New Fixtures

Make the most out of this LED Parking Lot Lighting update and put in a new modern looking LED light fixture instead of a LED Retrofit light. Honestly the price is not that much more and you can update and modernize your existing parking lot light with a new Slim Line LED lighting fixture.

LED Parking lot Light Retrofit Cob Light

This is a very easy way to retrofit your existing parking lot light with an LED. The only thing we have to make sure of is the length. These LED retrofit lights tend to be a bit longer than our other retrofit lights so we need make sure they will fit into your existing box. The cost is a bit lower than our other LED retrofit parking lot light. Worth checking. Our have on of our consultants see if it will work for your application.

LED Parking lot Light Retrofit

This is our top of the line LED parking lot retrofit light. All of our LED retrofits are UL, DLC listed and made but ISO 9000 manufacturers but this one has a DLC Premium Listing which means it has gone through the most stringent LED lighting testing on the market. The LED light module has a 10 year warranty.

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