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LED Parking Lot Lights

Today the cost of a new LED parking lot light fixture is close to that of a LED Retrofit parking lot light. It depends upon the wattage and the voltage. The payback is usually under 2 years for most projects.

True Story About Church In Anchorage, Alaska That Updated Their  Parking Lot Lights

Because it is so dark in Alaska during a good part of the year outdoor parking lot lighting is very important. Like most churches or parking lot light applications they were using 400W Metal Halide lamps in their shoe boxes. We retrofitted their existing 400w shoe box fixtures with our 120w LED Retrofit lights which increased the lighting in the parking lots and the electricity saved was 74% which amounted to about $288 per year savings per fixture and the payback was less than 15 months.

Please ask one of our LED lighting consultants is new or retrofit is the best way to do on your application? We can help you make the right choice and show you how much you can save and give you a great payback.


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