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LED Post Lights

If you are looking for a great way to retrofit your parking lot lights and are looking for a more decorative way to do it think about Post Top Lighting.

Old Post Top Light

Old Post Top Light

New Post Top Light

New Post Top Light

As you can see this is a much better looking light and we recommended this one be 150W. The Church we put this in is extremely happy with the results and the Church Members love the light and the low cost of maintaining them was a big plus.

LED Post Lights Are An Easy Retrofit 

LED Post Lights are and easy, inexpensive way to update your existing post lights. Check out this application at a Church in Wisconsin. The was a very easy retrofit. Originally this post top light was a 175W Metal Halide lamp. We changed it out to a 60W LED Cob Light. It works fantastic.

LED Corn Cob Light

LED Post top lighting

LED Post Light

LED Post Light

This is a new style if you are not interested in purchasing a LED Retrofit for a post top light fixture.

There are many ways to update your existing older metal halide or high pressure sodium lights with a nice looking LED light fixture. Not only will you get better lighting but your cost to operate will go down by 50% or more and your maintenance cost will go to ZERO for at least 10 years.

The cost to bring in lift trucks or bucket trucks is not cheap. A minimum of $250 in most cities. This needs to happen every few years. In Ten Years this adds up to quite a cost savings if your new LED lights last 10 plus years.

Give one of our LED Lighting Consultants a Call to see what we would recommend for your parking lot. We have many choices. Don’t go for the first one. Make sure you are getting LED Chips with the highest lumen count. There are companies that sell low output chips at low prices but you will be using higher wattage chips that will cost you more in the long run.

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