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LED Corn Bulb Light

LED Corn Bulb Lighting

LED Corn bulb lighting lighting has come a long way in the last 5 years. At first we have to tell you that we were not very impressed with this style of light. While it looked good and provided 360 degree lighting they had a very hard time with the cooling on this light and the lifespan was not very good.

Today is a different story. The cooling technology has improved tremendously. In fact a lot of the cob lights over 50W now have fans on them to protect them from heat. These are all application dependent. We have used this style of light in many different applications. Have one of our LED lighting specialist help you pick out the right one for your application.

LED Corn Bulb Light

LED Corn Bulb lamp

LED Corn bulb Installation

LED Corn bulb installations

LED canopy

canopy LED corn cob

LED Corn Bulb Wall Pack Retrofit

Cob LED Wall Pack Retrofit

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