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LED Cob Lights….An Inexpensive Way To Update To LED

LED Cob Lights Work For Many Applications. Great For Decorative Post, Bollard Lights, Acorn Lights, High Bay Lights, parking lots and more. Our LED Lighting Experts can help you find the right one for your application. Works for parking lot lighting, post top lighting, wall packs, bollards, flood lights and more. Check out all the choices available.

Cob Lights Now Have Fans

In the past Cob lights did not have the right heat sinks available and they burned out fast. Today the higher wattage corn cob lights have fans in them to help with the cooling part.

Corn Cob LED

LED Corn Cob Light

Make Sure They Fit Both Length and Width Before You Buy

LED Cob lights come in a variety of different sizes. Some are wider and some are longer than others. To fit into a Post Top light the height of the corn cob light needs to be measured. It has to fit the size of the lamp. If you are retrofitting it into a wall pack it needs to fit both in width and length. Measure before you buy.

Post Top Lights


LED Cob Light in Post Top Lamp

LED Post Top Lighting

Corn cob lighting works great in a Post Top lighting fixture. This is a very easy install. Check it out.

Post Top Light Application

180 Degree Cob Light

180 Degree Cob Light

This is a really cool new LED Fixture that works in a lot of applications. We have used them to retrofit LED parking lot lights, wall packs and flood lights. Check it out and let us know where we can help. These are a bit long so you have to be sure that it will fit into your existing fixture.

180 Degree Cob Lamp

LED Bollard Light

LED Bollard Lighting….Perfect Way To Update Your Security Lighting

In a lot of cases Bollard lights are used for security lighting. Many are used to light up walkways at night and areas around building. Find out how to pick out the best bollard light specification for your application.

LED Bollard Lighting

LED Corn Cob Light

LED Cob lights work in many applications. Here are just a few; parking lot light, canopy, flood, bollard, can light, wall pack, mold light and more. Stop paying the electric company and install some LED corn lamps and save up to 80% on your bill.

LED Corn Cob

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