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Top LED High Bay

Brightest LED High Bay

The LED High Bay Lights UFO is one of the hottest  selling High Bay Retrofit fixtures these days for warehouse lighting. This is a very easy update for any kind of existing HID High Bay light. Remove your existing LED High Bay Light and just hook this one right into the ceiling joist. Very simple install with very high lumen count. Our LED High Bay UFO light is a very bright white light that uses very low wattage and is easy on the electric bill.


UFo LED High Bay

High Bay UFO

High Power LED Screw In High Bay

Another great LED High Bay Screw In LED light. This one replaces existing HID high bay lights from 250W to 600W. Simple screw in application. 5 Year warranty

  • Samsung 2835 chips, >20000lm for 150W Replaces 250W-600W HID lamp
  • E39 or EX39 base available
  • Direct line voltage 100-277V– bypass ballast Integral 4KV surge protection
  • Double cooling-cold forging kit + sunon fan Unique structure design to minimize dust intrusion
  • Directional optical design maximizes the best lighting performance Tripple temperature control against over-heating
  • Plug & play safety cable included UL listed for damp locations Backed up by a 5-year warranty


LED High Bay Screw In Light

LED High Bay Screw In Light

LED High Bay Retrofit Light

This is one of our top LED High Bay Retrofit Lights. This unit comes in 45W to 480W of super bright white light. The 480W puts out over 55,000 lumens. These are very easy to install and last 70,000 hours or at 12 hours per day way over 10 years. The warranties are excellent and the big thing is the drive is a Meanwell….which means it’s the best on the market and has a very low failure rate.

Whatever your high bay application is we have the answer.

High Bay LED Retrofit

LED High Bay Retrofit

This is a very easy retrofit for any kind of Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium High Bay Lights.

These are screw in LED High Bay lights that just plug right into many existing High Bay Fixtures.

They range in size from 60W to 180W and can retrofit  100W to 1000W High Bay Lights. The lumen count ranges from 6000 Lumens to 18,000 lumens.

LED High Bay Screw In

LED High Bay Light


LED Strip Lights With Over 100,000 Hour Lifespan

These are not your ordinary LED strip lights. These are top of the line LED strip lights that have the highest Lumen Count Per Watt on the market (Over 190 lumes per watt) this means same brightness as others but a lot less wattage used  which means dollars in your pocket.

LED Strip Light

LED Strip Light



  • Linear LED Super Strips have no mercury.
  • No flickering or buzzing equals no migraines or headaches
  • No glass to shatter

Operating cost

  • 50 – 70% reduction in wattage with LED linear strips over T-8, T-12 and T-5 florescent bulbs
  • No disposal cost for a linear LED Super Strip
  • Eliminate Maintenance Cost for 10 Plus Years

Operating performance

  • Up to 30% more light output with LED linear strips
  • 117,000 hour life Linear LED strips are up to 75% more efficient. Fluorescent bulbs last an average of 16,000 hrs.
  • LED linear strips still give off Light at End-Of-Life, 70% – Florescent bulbs are dead at end of life.
  • In order to keep up with LED linear strips, you will have to replace the T8 bulbs 6 times.

LED High Bay For Ultimate Brightness

The new 4BAY series LED high bay light which features exceptional efficiency, modern design and installation flexibility. Developed with Coming’s latest generation of solid-state lighting and electronic driver technologies, the 4BAY series stands above the competition by offering highly efficient Spike or Cooling Fin construction maximizing performance and improving overall energy savings. And perfect for offices, schools, hospital, warehouse, factory and other commercial buildings.

100W to 480W or 14,000 lumens to 69,000 lumens. This one can handle any high bay job you have.

High Bay LED

LED High Bay Light The Ultimate

LED High Bay or Low Bay or Post Top

Check out this new LED High Bay Light. Can be used for several different applications. 30-90 W

  • Replaces 150W-400W HID
  • E26, E39 or EX39 base available
  • Samsung chips, high lumen efficacy—140Im/w for finished lamp
  • Direct line voltage 100-277V– bypass ballast
  • Integral 6kV surge protection
  • Flicker free & dimmable driver (dimming only with sensor option)
  • Die-casting structure—better heat dissipation & waterproof
  • Backed up by a 5-year warranty


High Bay or Low Bay Light

High Bay Low Bay Light

High Bay Installation Pictures

LED Strip Lights

LED Strip Lighting

High Bay LED Installation

High Bay LED Installation

High Bay Install

High Bay LED Install

High Bay LED

High Bay auditorium



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