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High Bay LED Lights

Screw In LED High Bay Light

Are you ready to see the easiest Screw In High Bay Light? Check out our line of LED Retrofit and New Lights. Join hundreds of companies that are taking out their old metal halide lamps out of their half moon fixtures and putting in brand new LED Screw In LED lights. The installation is simple and you can have brand new 5000K bright light in your facility in a matter of minutes. We  have several units available for this application. Have one of our LED lighting professionals show you what would work best for your application.

This is a prime example of a LED High Bay Light screw in installation in a Juvenile Detention Center gymnasium.

This is as easy as it gets. Basically remove the ballast wiring and wire direct to the fixture. Remove the existing light and screw in the new light and your done. These are 5500K or Daybright LED lights. The detention center guards love the change. What use to be pretty dark and dingy gym is not bright and cheerful.

Here are a few examples or our LED screw in retrofit light. We have several to choose from.

Call one of our LED lighting specialist to find out which one would work best for your application. These are our cell phones we will not put you on hold or send you to another person. Our goal is to help you pick out the right light for your application.

513-702-3533 or 513-325-1623 or 407-230-9096

Email info@retrofitled.net


There are many choices let us know how we can help.

Here are a few if the higher lumen count retrofit lights for those who need a lot of light. In some cases there are lights that are more than 30′ high for instance have worked with Nuclear Facilities.  They have very high work areas where we need to get a lot of light to the ground therefore they need a higher wattage light fixture. Bottom line is we have you covered either way.


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