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LED Strip Lights

Neu-Tech LED Super Strips

Highest Lumen Count On The Market

Longest Life Expectancy

LED Strip Light…The Absolute Best On The Market

This LED Strip light is now putting out 190 Lumens per Watt. That means brighter lights lower wattage and LOWER Electric bills. That is it…bottom line. So and 80W LED Strip Light Kit  will put out 15,200 lumen. This will replace and existing 400W metal halide and last 100,000 hours

Where will the lumen count end we have no idea but the cost to operate these new Super LED Strip light is very low. Call one of our LED Lighting Experts and have them put together a ROI sheet on your application and see how much money you can save.

LED Strip Light

LED Strip Light

NOT all LED’s are created equal! Neu-Tech LED Super Strips are the Lamborghini of LED linear and tube lamps. Longest warranty, best value, longest life, up to an amazing 190lm+/watt, Premium technology!

LED High Bay Dark

LED High Bay Dark

LED Super Lumen Strip Light

LED Super Strip Light

This is a distribution warehouse in Orlando, Florida. They stock parts for cell towers. As you can see in the old warehouse picture you need a flashlight to see view the part numbers on the stock. With the new LED Super Strips they threw the flashlights away. The workers loved the lights and did not go home with headaches anymore.

  • Save 2/3 less on your electric bill with no lamps replacement for up to 28 years on average!
  • They last two to three times longer than LED tube lights or panels. Up to 10 times the life of a Fluorescent!
  • Dimmable for night circuit. LED tubes, panels or Fluorescent tubes can’t do this!
  • Up to 194 LP/W efficiency @25°C (up to 75% the light at the same wattage of LED tubes)
  • World’s first factory programmable drivers to dial in your brightness and energy saving needs
  • Cuts your energy consumption more the half less, while increasing brightness
  • Just think of no more hum, buzzing or constant lamp replacement up to 70K hours!
  • Each strip is equal to two and half T-8, T-12 or T-5 four ft lamps in light output
  • Typically 50% less power than LED tube or panel light, that’s that makes ROI 50% faster
  • Best in class LED from Samsung S4 (Most expensive, longest lasting, most efficient, lowest wattage)
  • Color selection of (2700K) warm 3000-K, 4000-K, through 5000-K cool
  • Color rendering index (CRI) minimum 83 optional 90 w/power company rebates
  • Up to 7-year warranty (Industries Longest Warranty)
  • Customizable Solutions, power company rebates and up to 90 day ROI’s
  • UL under approval, RoHS Compliant
  • Perfect for any size Parabolic or Diffuser lens troffers. Replaces T-5, T-8 and T-12 easily
Before super strip lights

Before Super Strip Lights

LED Super Strip Lights

After View With Super LED Strip Lights

Another aisle view of the LED Super Strip lights


LED Linear Strip Light New Fixtures Or Retrofit Existing

One of the new LED High Bay Lights to hit the market in the last few years is the LED linear strip lights. We have them in fixtures that are already made up and we have them as a retrofit so you can take out your existing tubes and install the new strip lights inside the existing panel. These last over 100,000 hours and have one of the highest lumen counts on the market today. These new LED Linear Retrofit Strips put out up to 190 lumens per watt. That means lower wattage lights with the same amount of light output as the competitors….which means lower electric bills. Have one of our LED Lighting Experts see if this will work in your application.

LED Strip Lights: If you are ready for new LED light fixtures that have a much greater spread than your old round metal unit this is the way to go. These are available from 50-240W and will replace and existing 400W metal halide lamp.

LED Linear Lights

LED Linear Lights


  • UL, Cul, DLC Certificate
  • IP66 Waterproof
  • Big heat sink, high
  • Installation can be
  • Viewing Angle:135*70
  • Mean Well internal driver, input voltage AC100-277V.
  • Output constant current lever can be adjusted through output cable with 1-10V.
  • No UV or IR in the
  • Easy to install and
  • Energy saving, long service
  • Light is soft and uniform, safe to
  • Instant start, NO flickering, NO
  • Green and eco-friendly without



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