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LED High Bay Lights

Wow…So Many Choices For LED High Bay Lights. Which One Should I Choose?

Times Have Changed

High Bay Lights….In the past the only thing available were T12 fluorescent tubes or metal halide lamps or high pressure sodium orange light lamps. Great choices….not really! I have been going into plants all over the country for over 30 years and most of them were dark and dingy. No one seemed to care because this is just the way it was therefore nothing else was available. With the advent of LED technology lighting we now have several colors available 2800K, 4000K or 5000K and even 5700K in addition to several different optics 120 degrees, 80 degrees and 50 degrees.

Verizon Distribution Warehouse Was Dark and Dingy Before LED High Bay Strip Lights

Before super strip lights   LED Super Strip Lights

Before the LED Super Strip Update   After The LED Super Strip Update

One of our Electric contractors called us in to help with a dark and dingy antenna distribution warehouse. This customer had existing T12 Fluorescent tubes inside. When they were first installed they might have been OK but now they were terrible. There were no other choices hence it’s what they had and were use to.

Now they wanted to get as much lumen content as possible with the lowest wattage. We suggested our LED Strip light that were putting out over 150 lumen per watt at the time. The change was incredible. Now the employees could actually see the writing on the side of the boxes and pull them faster. Therefore at the end of the day the employees did not have headaches from straining to read all day long. The list goes on regarding all the advantages about using brighter lighting. Not only that they save close to 60% in energy every month.

Here Are A Few Of The Different High Bay Lights We Have To Offer

We have about 12 of them described here that may work for your application. When choosing a LED High Bay light there are many things you need to keep in mind. Height of ceiling, type of light needed, area that needs the light etc. In a warehouse we need to know how your shelving is set up. What is the distance between rows? Are you storing product on the top shelf? This all matters when we help you go from old technology tubes or metal halides to LED lights. Your new lights will last 10 plus years take the time to do it right. Call one of our LED lighting specialist to get a quality proposal.

High Bay Screw In Light Works Awesome

UFO High Bay Lights

UFO high bay lights are the most common LED retrofit light for high bay lighting installations. They are easy to install and have very light lumen count therefore they throw out a lot of light for the money. In the past high bay lights were either tubes that put out 360 degree light and 40% was reflective or they were a metal halide in a half moon metal can that was 40% reflective light. The new UFO is all direct light so you get the light you pay for nothing less.



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