Electric Company Thought Electric Meter Was Broke

"Electric Company Thought Electric Meter Was Broke" Was posted on August 17, 2018

Local Utility Company Came Out Unannounced And Replaced This Church’s Meter Because They Thought It Was Broke…

One of our Church Customers in Colorado had their utility company come out and replace their electric meter without telling the Church. After watching it for some time they found that there was nothing wrong with the meter so they decided to ask the Church what was going on.

Very simple the Church said we replaced our existing (43) 400W parking lot lights as shown above with a 120W LED and inside our buildings we replaced all of our fluorescent tubes with Neu-Techs LED Super Tubes. The end result was a $12,000 energy savings over the first year which the Utility Company just could not believe.

For more information on any of our applications please give us a call. One of our Professional LED lighting specialist will help you with your application.

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