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LED Lighting Brochures

Thank you for coming to our Lighting brochures menu. Here we try to keep up with all the different Commercial LED Light products we offer our customers around the country. As we mentioned many times. The LED business is changing at warp speed therefore what is current today is not tomorrow. You may not see it at you local big box stores but beware the technology is changing daily. The big thing to check out is lumen count. That is the amount of lumens or brightness you get out of each light. It is referenced as lumens per watt. When we started 10 years ago technology offered us 70 lumens per watt. Today it is over 150 lumens per watt. So bottom line less wattage today to do produce same amount of light. If you needed 10 years ago 7000 lumens you would do it with a 100W light @ 70 lumens per watt. Today you can get the same light with about 50W @150 lumen per watt.

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