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LED Scene Lights

Portable Scene Light
Scene Light Portable

Scene Lights

Portable LED Lights Last for 50,000 Hours and put out 39,000 Lumen

Portable  LED Lighting is a must for all those needing high power lighting when there is none around. Emergency First Responders love these lights. They light up there area and keep them safe and help them see exactly what they are doing. These are great for Events. Road Construction is another great use for our whopping 39,000 lumen and only 300W Scene Light. The great thing is they can be run off 100-277VAC of 24VDC. On site instant light. Make it look like daytime in the area you need lit up.

Firefighter portable lighting is a must for most Fire Departments. This unit is affordable and easy to use and take to scenes. When it comes to lighting a large area this light is an ideal solution.

emergency scene light
emergency scene light

Construction sites especially at night can use these to light up the area they are working on. No one gives them 39,000 lumens for the price we do.It comes with the following specifications:

Scene Light Construction
Scene Light Construction

Input Voltage: AC 100-277V or DC 24V

Type of Installation: Portable

Color Handle: Black

Power Supply Cable:  SJTW 18AWG*3C /5M (16.40 ft.)

Lamp Cover: Opal

Lifespan:>50,000 hours

Type of Protection: IP65

Impact Protection: IK08 (5 Joule)

Warranty: 5 Years Limited

Beam Angle: 100 Degree

Lumens: 39,000

Wattage: 300W

Accessories: Tri Pod and Angle Adaptor

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