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LED Tube Lights

Dont’ Buy LED Tube Lights Until Your Read This!

The reason I say that is because while it seems simple to just buy a new LED tube light and hope it’s the right color, the right cover, clear, frosted, striped,  the right ends, two pin, single pin, the right style, ballast compatible or non ballast compatible, right lumen count, right wattage. Not trying to make you crazy but there is a little bit more to making the best choice on LED tube lights than the length and wattage.

Color is a big question these days. In the past it was pretty much 2800K or 4000K and not many people bought 5000K. When you go into the big home remodeling stores today you will see displays of LED lights and they will show you the difference in colors. For commercial uses the 5000K day bright is starting to make a big play. A lot of schools, churches, and universities are changing to the 5000K because it makes print in book pop off the page. It is so much easier to read under 5000K.

In some applications today we are putting in 2700K, 4000K and 5000K in different areas. Why not these will last a long time….do it right the first time.

Have one of our LED Lighting Professionals work with you on your next application.

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LED Tube Lights are not all built the same. Our LED Super Tubes are now DLC 4.0 Certified. This is the highest rating of quality a LED tube can attain.

This is a direct replacement for any existing fluorescent lamp, not need to remove the ballast or rewire. Complete with a 5 Year Warranty.

LED Tube Specifications

LED Tube Specifications

LED Tube Application

LED Tubes In Grocery Store

Ballast Compatible LED Tubes

Ballast Compatible LED Tube Installation


We have LED Tube Lights in wattage’s from 12W, 15w and 18w. These are all price driven and the prices on these tubes change daily it seems. The reason is the Lumen Per Watt of the LED Chips keep changing. Right now they are around 130 lumen per watt,  next week you may be able to get a LED tube that is putting out 160 Lumen s per watt so a 12W LED Tube will putout 1800 lumen s which is plenty for most applications.

Give One Of Our LED Lighting Consultants a Call To Find Out Current Pricing And Lumens Per Watts of LED Tube Light.  513-702-3533  407-230-9096  513-325-1623

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