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LED PL Retrofit Lamps

LED PL Retrofit lamps come in many different styles. The big thing you have to worry about is length and base. Some PL lamps are a little to long for some can lights while others fit great. We have units that are only 5.5″ long and replace 28W CFL Lamps. We have vertical and horizontal units. Here are some pictures of the PL lamps we carry and what kind of bases are available.

We can help you figure out which one will work best for your application. Call 513-702-3533 to get immediate response

As you can see above there are many different types of LED PL Lamps available. Most are available with 3000K, 4000K and 5000K. All are available in 120-277V. All are UL rated, The lumen count is a bit different in the lights but this changes daily. Today lumen count in the LED chips that are being uses is going up every few months. We will make sure you get the latest and greatest LED Chips available when you purchase your units.

LED PL Lamp Bases

In most cases with a PL lamp in can light you will have a 2 or 4 pin base holding in your existing CFL lamp. We can retrofit any of these kind of CFL lamps with a LED and cut your energy in half or more and extend the lifespan from 2 years to 5-10 years depending upon use.

Bases come in the following models; G23, GX23, G24D, G24Q, E26, G4-24, 2G11.

We can fit 99% of all existing bases with a PL Lamp LED Retrofit and save you money in electric and eliminate your maintenance for many years.

Give is a call for and immediate response on what will work best for our application.

513-702-3533 or 513-325-1623 or 407-230-9096

We will be happy to send you the latest brochure on our line of PL Retrofit lamps with the current chip lumen count. These change every few months and we want to make sure we get you the latest chips available today.

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