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LED Church Lighting

Does Your Church Have A Heavenly Glow?

Today more and more Churches are moving to more energy efficient LED Church Lighting instead of the older energy wasting metal halide, fluorescent, CFL or incandescent lighting. In a lot of cases we are saving Churches up to 70% in Energy Cost across the board. Inside a lot of Churches are lights that use from 100-700W lights. We are reducing them down to only a 50W LED. This is significant savings. Outside Churches use 400W metal halide lamps. We have retrofits for these that only use 100-120W.

We have worked with hundreds of Churches across the country and are saving them thousands of dollars every month on their energy bills and are no longer doing lighting maintenance on their Church lights. LED’s need no maintenance for 10+ years.

Sanctuary’s and Chapels

What we find in a lot of Churches and small Chapels is the spaces often use large pendants that illuminate the entire seating area. Neu-Tech offers a full line of LED replacement lights for the conventional light sources such as high wattage incandescent, halogen and CFL used in these fixtures. As an example we use a can offer you a 60W dimmable LED Par 56 to replace an existing incandescent 700W bulb. For the Sanctuary we have dimmable LED spot and par lights that can save you up to 70% on the energy cost.

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Church Lobbies

Most Church lobbies will most often have recessed downlights, decorative pendants, wall sconces or fluorescent tube fixtures. Neu-Tech has a wide assortment of LED lights that can retrofit your CFL can lamps from 36W down to ONLY 11-15W. We have LED T8 tubes that are plug and play and can retrofit your old 36W T8 Tubes down to ONLY 15-18W and you might only need (2) LED tubes to replace (4) fluorescent tubes. It is very affordable to make the change to LED lighting now. Call one of our Church LED Lighting Specialist to get some help. FREE Information

Classrooms and Hallways

In most cases these areas mostly have older fluorescent troffers for their lighging needs. Neu-Tech has a complete line of LED Tubes lights that fit right into your existing fixtures. We even have ballast compatible tubes that work with the existing ballast but we do recommend that you eliminate the ballast as at some point in time it will fail. Better to do it on the front end. A lot of our Churches are using 5000K in their classrooms and hallways as the light is much brighter and much easier to read in the classrooms. Ask one of our LED Retrofit Church lighting specialist about the difference in 3000K color versus 5000K color.

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Exterior, Security and Parking

Security for the congregation is of paramount importance to Churches who have night services. A lot of the congregations are older and it is very important for them to be able to feel secure and safe as they walk to their vehicles. Neu-Tech has replaced thousands of older 400W metal halide lamps in Church parking lots across the country. We only use 120W versus the older 400W units which is a big savings. They are very easy to install and only take about 30 minutes. We also have LED Retrofit lights for those who have Bollard lights along the pathways and LED corn cob lights for those who have decorative lighting along the entry way. In or Out Neu-Tech has you covered. No sense buying new units when we can retrofit to an LED light.

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More Pictures And Information On Our Church Lights

Rear and parking lot of Church in Alaska. HPS Versus 5000K

Having A Hard Time Finding A Dimmable LED Par Light? We have them.

Dimmable LED Lighting Is Now Available For your Church. We work with our lighting vendors to come up with lights that work specifically LED Church lighting.

We specialize in LED Church Lighting. From the Outside parking lot lights to the inside par and spot lights we can save you up to 70% on your energy lighting cost.

church parking lot lights
LED parking lot church in Chicago area. From 400W High Pressure Sodium to 93W 5000K LED Light

Decorative Church Seminary Lighting.
Decorative Church Lights At Seminary in Wisconsin. Corn Cob LED Light replaces a CFL Lamp


LED Par 30 and Par38 Lamps
High Lumen Count Par 30 and Par 38 dimmable LED lamps. 3200-3500 Lumens that provide higher foot candles on floor that existing incandescent lamps

LED Church Parking Lot light
Church Parking Lot retrofitted from 487W to only 120W. You can see the huge difference in light from where the new lights are and the old ones are. Alaska is dark in the Winter most of the time so quality bright lighting is a must.

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