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More LED Lights To Cut Your Electric Bills

Your LED Lighting Professionals at Neu-Tech Energy Solutions offer a complete line of LED light products. In the past 10 years we have sold over 25,000 different kinds of LED products to customers all over the country. From Key West to Alaska we have LED lighting applications. Check out some of our other products, Wall Packs, Flood Lights, Canopy Lights, Sport Lights, Street Lights, Can Lights, PL Lamps, LED Tubes.


LED Tube Lights

Wow LED tube lighting has come a long way. We know have LED tubes lights that are totally ballast compatible. A real Plug and Play option for those who  do not want to remove the existing ballast and wire direct. Sooner or later the ballast will fail and you will have to remove it but the good news is you can just buy some of these LED tubes and put them in and walk away.

LED Tube Light A Must Read

LED Wall Packs

Point The Light To Where You Want It With A Rotatable Wall Pack

There are several choices now to replacing your existing Wall Pack lights. We now have Rotatable Wall packs which make a big difference in LED wall pack lighting. New or Retrofit we have a lot of new solutions for updating your wall pack lights.

New Or Retrofit LED Wall Packs

LED Flood Lights

Super Bright LED Flood Lights Available Here

Check out our complete line of LED Flood Lighting. We have New Super Bright LED lights that have high lumen count that will light up our area like you won’t believe. We also have LED Retrofit lights that will fit right into your existing Flood Light that will do the same.


LED Flood Light

Canopy Light

Imagine Cutting Your Electric Usage On Your Canopy Lights By Up To 80%

Retrofitting or buying a new LED Canopy light can cut your energy usage for this light by up to 80%. Plus not only will you get a reduction in energy you will not have to maintain that light for 10 plus years.

LED Canopy Light Save 80% In Energy

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