Churches Love LED Parking Lot Lighting

"Churches Love LED Parking Lot Lighting" Was posted on August 17, 2018

Get Payback In Less Than 2 Years.

Churches across the country are retrofitting their old Metal Halide Lights to LED and saving up to 80% in energy and the PAYBACK IS UNDER Two Years

Using electric cost of $.12 Cents per KW which is pretty standard around the country unless you are on the East Coast or West Coast where energy cost can be as high as $.20 Cents per KW the yearly cost of electric for a single 400W LED Parking Lot light is about $193.00. If you figure a yearly maintenance cost of $60.00 per fixture you can see where you would have a Under Two Year Payback. Plus not only that your congregation will feel a lot SAFER with the brighter lights in the parking lot for after hour services.

LED parking lot lights

For additional savings you may be in an area where your utility company may offer significant rebates up to $120 for retrofitting your older high energy lamps for an LED which will even drop the payback down to under 1/2 a year. Finance committees love to hear this kind of payback.

It only takes about 20-30 minutes to install an LED Retrofit into your existing light fixture. These lights carry a full 6 year warranty and last close to 100,000 hours. Plus NO MORE MAINTENANCE for decades not every few years.

Neu-Tech Energy Solutions has provided tens of thousands of these retrofits for parking lots, wall packs, flood lights and more across the country since 2008. To see a list of Churches who have worked with us click here and check them out. CHURCHES LIST

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