Architectural LED Lighting

"Architectural LED Lighting" Was posted on December 11, 2018

Do You Have A Building To Light Up Outside?

We have a new line of LED Architectural lighting available. Light up your building, facade, sign, wall washing.

4 Different types of beam angles available. NEMA Distribution

Architectural Optics

Architectural Beam Angles

We have wattages available from 80W to 150W. Enough to light up your existing building and make it look great.

architectural LED lighting

Architectural lighting

We have several different kinds of options available


Architectural Light Options

Architectural Light Options

If you need any kind of LED lights to light up your building give us a call. This is one we just finished up in Alaska. This church wanted more lights on the front of the church since it is so dark in the winter.

Alaska Church Up lighting

Alaska church lighting


Call one our LED lighting consultants to give you a hand on which one of these lights will work to uplight your facility. We have the expertise to make sure you get the right architectural light with the right optics to light it up the way you want.

Call 513-702-3533  or 513-325-1623 or 407-230-9096


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