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A+ Rating For Commercial LED Lighting Applications!

We really value our rating and strive to keep it this way! Neu-Tech wants to know how your last LED lighting application went and if you write a testimonial we will publish it on our website. Below are some of our recent online testimonials:

"" Our congregation has been complaining about the security in our parking lot for a long time. Neu-Tech helped us pick out the right lights and optics so our church members now can see much better walking to their cars after night services"."

Pastor John V


""We love the way the kitchen looks now with the new 5000K LED tubes. Everything is so bright. Not sure how we worked with older lighting" "

Jackson S


""Updating our hotel with new LED parking lot lights has made a huge difference in our business. We are on a major highway and now people can see our hotel and notice that it's very bright and safe at night. Occupancy rates have climbed every month since we installed the light." Megan S"

Mena P


"I manage some commercial properties and Neu-Tech is my LED lighting experts. I can always count on them to come up with the right light for all my lighting applications. Great guys to work with..."

Sandy A


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