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Advanced LED Industrial And Commercial Lighting Specialist Plus Our New LIFE LIGHTS...SAFE Blue LED Sanitizing Lights

LED Lighting Experts

There are NO Lighting Experts to speak with at Amazon. Our experienced lighting experts can offer you a complete range of LED Retrofits or New LED Fixtures from the top manufacturers in the world.  INSTALLATION TIPs “This is Jerry going over installation with an electrician on the best way to install this LED Retrofit Lamp”. – Jerry Neumann “LED Lighting Expert”



At Neu-Tech Energy Solutions you will get:

  • A person to speak with who has been determining the best lighting solutions for over 10+ years.
  • Answers to questions that will determine the best solutions for your lighting
  • A comprehensive Return on Investment on your project. Most are under 2 years
  • NEW and Incredible Products that are on the LEADING Edge of this industry
  • LED Lighting products that not only light up your area but KILL Bacteria at the same time


Amazing NEW Blue Light That Kills MRSA, Staph, Strep and More. Fire Departments Love Them.

Patient Compartment Blue Light Technology

Patient Compartment Blue Light Technology

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Ambulance Cab Blue Light Technology

Blue Light Technology Ambulance Cab. MRSA has been found on steering wheels, brake pedals, radio dials and more. Not anymore with Blue Light Technology

The Neu-Tech Advantage

We are a family business and have been in business for over 10 PLUS years concentrating on retrofitting or replacing existing fixtures both interior and exterior with High Quality LED lighting solutions. Tens of thousands Sold. Call Us Before Amazon. We have experts to help you. 

  • LED Parking Lot Lights
  • Parking Garage
  • High Bay LED Lights
  • LED Strip Lights
  • LED Corn Cob Lamps
  • Post Top Lamps
  • Wall Packs
  • Gas Station Lights
  • Canopy Lights
  • Wall Packs
  • Street Lights
  • LED Tubes
  • Sanitizing Blue Lights For Homes and Business
  • Sanitizing Blue Lights For Animals
Neu-Tech Energy Solutions

Neu-Tech Energy Solutions

You can always reach one of us as we all carry our cell phones with us 99% of the time. You won’t have to go through a press here for this or that. Over a 12 year period we have just about seen every application out there that can be switched from an older HID, HPS or Incandescent light to an Energy Saving LED. We have LED Lights now that are putting out over 190 lumens per watt. What does this mean? Brighter lights with lower wattage and lower energy bills. Call for a fast response to your needs.

Blue Light In Homes, Business And Animal Industry Will Be The Next Norm

 Blue Light Kills Colds, Viruses, Covid, MRSA, Staph, Kennel Cough, Ring Worm and MORE


LED Church Light Retrofitting Specialist

Church Light retrofit

LED Retrofit Church

We specialize in retrofitting high energy old church lights to LED. Give us a call will help you SAVE MONEY. Turn your Church into a warm, energy saving area that your congregation will love. Keep them safe outside going to and from their cars at night with New LED lights. Transform the darkness into daylight.


Over 5000 Products In Stock. Area Lights and Sanitizing Lights To Keep You SAFE. There is no one to talk to at Amazon Call us to help you get the right lighting product.

  • Safety First

    Our Blue Bacteria Lights kill a wide variety of Bacteria including MRSA, Staph & Strep and now even COVID. Blue Lights are SAFE for humans & animals.

  • We Have Your Light

    We have a complete line of commercial LED new and retrofit lights available to fit 99% of most commercial applications. We now have area lights with bacteria killing light in the same fixture.

  • 5000 Products In Stock

    We now have access to over 5,000 different products in stock. Parking Lots, Flood Lights, High Bays, Wall Packs and more we got your light. Our Bacteria and Virus Killing Light stock is growing weekly.

  • Cutting Edge Technology

    It's a NEW DAY with lighting. We work with many different kinds of applications. Today many of the viruses and bacteria people get sick from inside buildings can be deactivated with our new LED Bacteria Killing Blue Lights.

  • Always Available

    The phone numbers we have on the website are our Cell Numbers. You will always be talking to an LED Lighting Specialist. We love getting calls about new applications and will make sure you get the right light the first time

  • Experience

    Over the last 10 plus years we have supplied over 50,000 PLUS LED retrofits and new fixtures for customers across the world. Some of our customers; Google, Monsanto, Lutron, BP Oil, Kinross Gold, USCG, FDOT and more


Safe Blue Sanitizing Light Will Soon Be The Norm For Homes and Businesses. We Now Know That Blue Light Kills A Wide Range of Viruses and Bacteria Including Colds, Flu, Covid, MRSA, Staph Strep and More.

The Facts Are In And Have Been For Years…This is an article from 2103 in Infection Control Magazine. There is no reason to use dangerous UV light to eradicate Bacteria. We have SAFE and effective Bacteria Blue Disinfecting Light available NOW.
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HVAC Contractor Combines Blue Light and Induction UVC Light To Sanitize Offices and Warehouses. What are you doing to keep your staff and customers safe and healthy?

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Our Trusted Commercial LED Lighting Experts Are Here To Serve You

You might find it less expensive on Amazon but are you sure you’re getting the right light. You can actually speak to one of us and will help you get the right product the first time. Today the lighting industry is changing at warp speed. There are 5-10 different LED lights available for every job. Our experts are here to make sure you get the right one that is within your budget with the right output that will give you the best light.

Meet One Of Our LED Lighting Specialist… Dave Klumb

Dave Klumb

Dave Klumb

Q: What does someone need to have ready before they call?

A: At Neu-Tech Energy Solutions we provide more than just LED lighting. We provide a service to our clients that offers them the best alternatives to their lighting solutions. We need to know the wattage and voltage of the the existing fixtures. We need to know the height and condition of the existing fixtures. For parking lot lights we need to know how the lights are installed. Are they on a perimeter only, middle of a lot, rear of lot as that makes a difference as to what type of distribution needed for the LED lamp. These are just a few of the answers we will need to determine the best way to move forward.

Q: What is the most important thing you want your customers to understand about Neu-Tech Energy Solutions?

A: We have been doing this for over 10+ years now and have worked with many customers just like you. We work with private individuals, electrical contractors. large building owners, churches, fortune 500 companies and more. They have all trusted our ability to make sure they get the right lighting solution for their project.

Q: What are your clients most concerned or confused about when it comes to LED lighting products?

A: Today there is a vast assortment of LED lights available for each application. When we started we used a 7000 Lumen, 135W retrofit light to replace a 400W metal halide lamp in a parking lot shoe box fixture. Today we are using a 100 to 120W LED Retrofit light that puts out over 15,000 lumens to do the same thing. Today it’s all about Lumens per watt. This is going up on a daily basis. People also need to know that there are several different color combinations available. 2800K, 4100K, 5000K and 6000K. What does this mean and how does that affect your choice? This is why you need to call Neu-Tech Energy Solutions first.

Q: How long does a call typically take?

A: We’re happy to spend as much or as little time as you need to answer your questions. We may ask for pictures of your project to make sure we get you the right lighting solution. It may take a day or two before we can provide you the best recommendation. LED lights last 10 years now so if it takes a day or two in order to make the right choice it is worth the time.

Dave works in the Wisconsin Area Feel Free To Call Him Anytime If you have questions regarding your LED Lighting project.


Our Pledge To You

Understanding LED Lighting and selecting the right LED Light for you can be overwhelming. Our team of expert LED Lighting experts understand this challenge. They’re committed to educating you, simplifying the process and taking the guesswork out of making a decision that will last 10 Plus years. They’ll help you feel good about your lighting selection. There is no one to talk to at Amazon. Call us…will make sure you get the right product for your application.