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Join the LED Revolution! Contractors, Sign Companies and potential sales agents. Get involved with this hot market!

 LED Retrofit Lighting Specialist For Electrical Contractors and Sign Companies


Neu-Tech Energy Solutions....The Contractor Source For LED Retrofit Lighting. Tens Of Thousands sold

Some of the projects we have worked on with our Electrical Contractor Customers Neu-Tech Energy Solutions Specializes In Working With Electrical Contractors and Sign Companies On LED Lighting Solutions For Their Customers.

LED Lighting last 10 -20 years so picking out the right light for the right application is imperative. We have been working with Contractors for the last 8 years.

We only sell LED lighting and do not have thousands of other products to sell. We know LED lighting and specialize in working with Contractors.

LED Retrofit Lighting Specialist For Electrical Contractors and Sign Companies

Times Are Changing...LED Lighting Is Here To Stay.

The time has come to start thinking about getting on the LED band wagon. At Neu-Tech Energy Solutions we have been working with electrical contractors, sign companies and representatives from all over the country for the last 8 years. The facts are there are millions of customers wanting to know more about LED Lighting solutions so they can start saving money on electric bills and lowering their maintenance budgets.

For contractors...the problem is if you don't have something to offer them someone else will and you will lose the business. We have sold tens of thousands of LED Retrofit lights in the last 8 years. You name it we have retrofitted it. Not all LED lighting is the same. Today it's all about LUMEN COUNT not WATTS. We have the highest lumen count lights on the market today. We only use the BEST LED DRIVERS. Our factories are ISO 9000 rated. Quality is a must. We want to be your go to place for LED Lighting. Our LED Lighting Specialist are ready to help.

How We Help Our Contractors

1.We provide new personal marketing material and brochures for our customers.

2. We provide custom lighting applications and help for our customers. All LED lights are not the same. There are different colors, wattages, lumens, optics and more to think about.

3. LED lighting is changing at warp speed. We will keep you up to date with any new products that hit the market that you can sell and install at your customers offices and plants.

4. We will help with any installation or application issues you have with your customers.

5. Customer service is our top priority.

6. LED lights last 10+ years we will help you provide your customers the right lights at the best price.

Become one of our LED Retrofit Lighting Contractors

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Neu-Tech Energy Solutions:

"Your Retrofit LED Lighting Specialist" 

We can retrofit 99% of any HID, HPS, Fluorescent Tube, Incandescent or Halogen Lamp in the following applications and more...parking lot lights, flood lights, parking garage lights, street lights, cobra heads, shoe boxes, canopy lights, wall packs, bollards, acorn lights, decorative light post, recessed cans, T8, T5, T12 tubes, high bay lighting, low bay lighting, gas station lighting, canopy lighting, school lighting, gymnasium lighting, stadium lighting, fluorescent lights, cfl lights, PL lamps, sconces, library lighting, school lighting, corn cob LED, corn cob lighting and more