LED Tubes and Strips replace old T5, T8 and T12 fluorescents

LED Tubes Replaces fluorescent tubes

Finally...you can Eliminate your office and warehouse fluorescent tubes and get 30% more light and eliminate your tube and ballast maintenance for 10+ years.\

From 8' ceilings to 40' ceilings our Ballast Compatible LED Tubes and LED Super Strips can be retrofitted in a matter of minutes. Replace Your Existing Fluorescent Tubes In Your Offices and Business Places up to 12' high with our LED Tubes.

Not All LED Tubes Are Built The Same

Beware Of The Internet And Low LED Tube Prices!  Click To See Video On LED Tubes


At Neu-Tech Energy Solutions we provide solutions to your lighting needs. What you see on the internet might look good but the facts are you better know what you are doing when ordering a LED Tube to replace your existing T12, T8 or T5 Fluorescent bulbs.

You need to be aware that there are several different kinds of ballast out there, so not all ballast compatible tubes will work with existing ballast.  Tombstones (Bulb holders) are either shunted and non-shunted, this is a critical issue in selecting the correct led tube to work with your tombstone. Neu-Tech offers both AC & DC power led tubes, both installation and safety concerns must be surfaced and understood before you make the decision what type of led bulb is best for your facility.

Neu-Tech also handles a full line of kelvin and wattage specify led tubes. From 15, 18, 20 & 22 watt, the correct led tube selection is critical in achieving the greatest energy saving and optimizing the current fixtures light output. Viewing or beam angle is also another critical part of selecting a led tube to maximize the light output of the current fixture. Neu-Tech will assist our customers in the correct led tube selection for your facility.   

There is a difference!

When you deal with Neu-Tech Energy Solutions we will provide you a complete custom lighting package for your application. In some cases you may want a 15W Warm White in a particular place and a 22W Day White in another where people are reading fine print and you need more light. You may have a high ceiling above 15' that might lead us to tell you that you need one of our LED Super Strips instead of a standard LED tube

LED Tube  ballast compatible LED Tube

We are telling you this because we have gone in behind others who have specified the wrong LED tubes and we fixed the problem. This is our standard tube line but we will ask a lot of questions before we specify the right solutions to your lighting needs.

Our Neu-Tech Super T8 LED Tubes  serves as a special energy efficient replacement for all traditional

fluorescent T8 lamps. Designed to operate on all existing rapid start, instant start, programmed start, and

emergency fixture ballasts... or simply no ballast at all. Totally Ballast Compatible and with  the

HIGHEST LUMEN COUNT ON THE MARKET TODAY/ Our 4' tube is 2400 lumen count...others are only 1850.

  • Neu-Techs Tube can work both with or without a ballast
  • A fantastic replacement “plug and play” tube or retrofit kit
  • Compatible with over 90 percent of all North American electronic ballasts
  • The versatility of the “Magic Tube” supports massive projects with different types of ballasts
  • Input voltage up to AC100-277V/347V with ballast and AC100- 277V without ballast
  • Suitable for damp or dry environments
  • UL, ETL, DLC, NSF Qualified
  • Globally Patented Technology
  • 5 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

-Optional 10 Year Warranty available



This product has a warranty for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase. The warranty is invalid in the case of improper installation, tampering, or removal of the Q.C. date label. Installation in an improper working environment or installation not according to the current edition of the National Electric Code also invalidates the warranty. Should this product fail during the warranty period, it will be replaced free of charge, subject to correct installation and return of the faulty unit. Neu-Tech does not accept responsibility for any installation costs associated with the replacement of this product. This warranty is an addition to the statutory rights in the country of purchase. Neu-Tech reserves the right to alter specifications without prior notice.

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REtrofit your High and Low Bay Lights to an LED and save up to 80% in Energy Cost And Eliminate Your Lighting Maintenance For Decades!

Neu-Tech Energy Solutions has the answers to your High Bay Lighting Needs. Not with the standard lighting you are use to but with LED lights that make your facility look like daytime all the time. The first question we ask is HOW HIGH IS YOUR CEILING? This is so important!

Most existing High Bay lighting does not get the light down to the floor to give you the light you need. We have LED Retrofit lights that will take you from 5 foot candles to 20 foot candles. Your employees will love the light. The first thing we hear is I can see the writing on the packages.

Depending upon what kind of High or Low Bay lighting you have we can Retrofit or Provide a New LED Energy Saving Fixture that will save you up to 80% in electricity and basically eliminate you’re maintenance for over 10 Years.

Typical High Bay Installation and Retrofit Lighting Applications:

Fluorescent Tube Lighting

old T12 fluorescent tubes  New LED Super Strip

Old T12 Fluorescent Tubes  New LED Super Strip 165 Lumens Per Watt

LED Super strip light  freezer warehouse super strips

LED Super Strips in warehouse applications. Light increases over 30%

Employees say they can "now see the packaging labels."  What has been accepted as good lighting in

warehouses is now not even close to being what should be normal lighting. At 165 lumens per watt our LED 

lights make it look like daylight. 

Warehouses and Larger Facilities Use Fluorescent Tubes in Single, Double and up to 6 Tube Fixtures. This has been the NORM for many years and what most of us accept as being the best. But you will find that in most facilities the lighting is very dark.

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