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Read This Before You Think About Placing Your Order

For An LED Parking Lot Light…New Or Retrofit


Before you think about purchasing a New LED Parking lot light fixture or a LED Retrofit to replace your existing high energy HID lamps there are a few things you need to think about before making that decision.

Is your lighting supplier asking you these questions?

Neu-Tech Energy Solutions…Your Retrofit LED Lighting Specialist

At Neu-Tech Energy Solutions before we even think about sending you a New LED Light Fixture or a LED Retrofit Light that fits into your existing fixture we want to know a few things before we recommend a new Energy Efficient LED Light.

Application Questions:

What We Need To Know In Order To Recommend The Right LED Light

  1. What is driving your interest in LED technology?
  1. My lights are burned out and need to do something?
  2. I want to save money on electrical cost
  3. I want to save money on lighting maintenance cost
  4. I want to increase lighting for security reasons.
  5. I want to comply to company initiative to be green compliant.

Once we find out why you want to switch out your lights to an LED we will need to know the following as we have multiple solutions for your application,

What type of lighting to you currently have?

  1. HPS or MH – Helps us understand the color you want and brightness needed for your application.
  2. What is the approximate height of the fixture, not the pole! This is important because of the lumens needed from the LED to get you the right light to the ground area.
  3. What is the approximate spacing of the poles in the lot? Very important because a lot of older parking light applications have poles that are too far apart and the light spread is not that good. We want to correct this with the new lights if possible.
  4. Are you interested in directing more light between pole center lines? If yes we need discuss what kind of light you are actually getting and what kind of light you really need. This all has to do with what LED light we will recommend for your application. There are several options for every application.
  5. Once we find this out we can talk about what is best for your application. Is it a LED Retrofit light or a new LED Fixture?  Some new fixtures come with different optics and have higher lumen counts.
  6. Some of our new retrofits are coming out with dual optics. What this means is we have choices. You may be lighting up your grass more than you want. You might have dark spots in between two poles. We have the answers to all these issues.


Great example of poor lighting distribution, our optics

would improve this situation.


Should I tilt my light to get better lighting?

Well this can become very intrusive in some applications.  In most cases Neu-Tech does not recommend a replacement fixture to be tilted or aimed… lighting as this could cause potential safety concerns. (blind spots)

When installed correctly our LED lights will minimize any glare and cause no safety concerns.

Do You Have Security Concerns? 

  1. Are their cameras on site? Cameras love LED lights. You can actually see what you are filming.
  2. Does the current fixture lighting supply ample lighting for the camera viewing?
  3. Are you interested in increasing the light output to enhance lot illumination? On one of our recent jobs a Credit union with 12 facilities this was the driving factor in purchasing our LED lights. At Neu-Tech we ask the right questions so we can recommend the right light at the right price. 
  4. Not every parking lot light application is the same. Let Neu-Tech help you pick out the right LED light.


Let’s Talk About LED Technology!

Are all LED’s the same?  Absolutely NOT

  • The majority of our customers and contractors do not understand the following issues and how they impact purchasing of LED’s and their overall lighting performance.
  • Is the –“You get what you pay for”   apply to LED’s? Yes it does! Why is my LED only rated for 50,000 hours of useful life?
  • What is the ratio between light output – Lumens and wattage- power required to operate the LED’s. This is efficiency ratio of the LED light.

Commonly asked questions asked by our customers:

Why are some LED’s not very bright or have very poor efficiency’s?

Good Question let’s talk about LUMENS to wattage efficiency’s.  High performance LED’s offer customers great light and low wattage consumption. So stated directly, more light for less money to operate!! Let’s take closer look.

Think “Lumen Efficiency”,

the amount of light vs the amount of power/wattage to supply the light.

What Does Lumen/ Wattage Ratio Really Mean?

A Lumen is a measurement how much light is measurable at a point away from the light source. More lumens means it's a brighter light; fewer lumens means it's a dimmer light. How much wattage it takes to create this light creates the efficiency ratio.

Neu-Tech’s LED’s offer the highest efficiency ratio in the market place today, lets take a look at the following example.

Neu-Tech LED 400 watt replacement kit operates at 120 watts and produces 17,636 lumens a ratio of 147%. 17,636 Lumens divided by 120 Watts equals 146.966%

Competitors LED operates at 180 Watts and produces 17,463 a ratio of 97%

  • Neu-Tech LED’s  retrofit kits and new fixtures range from 135 – 165% efficiency’s. What is the industry standard? Around 95 – 105%

So now think about this….Neu-Tech LED’s are 50% more efficient, so what does this mean to me? Let’s take a look at the electrical cost difference.

  • Typical an outside light fixture is on 4,700 hours per year
  • Typical energy cost is .10 cents per kilowatt
  • 60 watt saved per hour with Neu-Tech LED x 4700 hours per year = 282,000 additional kilowatts of electrical used with a low efficiency LED’s
  • 282,000 kilowatts cost per year $28.20 per year x 10 years additional $282.00 per fixture in today’s electrical cost. Add this up by all your outside light fixtures, becomes a big number! Certainly something to think about when purchasing your next LED light.
  • While others may need to use 180W, we can simply use 120W to achieve the same brightness. Our customers can get their investment returned faster in this way.

What does it mean the LED is rated for 50,000 hours?

 I thought LED’s are supposed to last much longer. All LED’s are rated to what is called a L70 Rating, this means a led rated for only 50,000 hours will only produces 70% of the original light when it hits 50,000 hours of use. This is a very poor operating led and customers will be greatly disappointed down the road when the LED is generating a reduced amount of light. LED’s that are rated to 60,000 or 100,000 ratings are a much higher quality led. Customer will now have LED’s that maintain a greater amount of lumen output with a much longer life. Remember what you pay for you get!

  • Our products have a warranty range from 5,6& 10 years!


Here is an example:


Let’s assume all four of these LED lights are 120W ....the first three are LED retrofits the third is a new fixture. All of these will replace a 400W Existing Shoebox HID lamp.

The first one on the left is putting out 14,000 lumens, the next one is 17,000 lumens the corn cob is 10,000 lumens and the new fixture is 13,000 lumens. Which one would you choose? Good question but you also need to look at the specs for each one.

One has a 10 Year warranty on the LED board, one has a 6 year warranty on the LED board, the cob has a 5 year warranty and the new fixture a 6 year warranty. Two of them have a lifespan of 70,000 hours, one is 50,000 and the new fixture last 70,000 hours. One has standard optics, one has better optics for parking lot lighting, the cob is 360 degrees and the new fixture has standard optics. Now we ask you what kind of application are you putting this light into? Church, office building, school, industry, bad neighborhood, high security location, restaurant etc. How high is the fixture? This all matters as to what light we will recommend for your application. While others may offer you a 14,000 lumen 120W LED retrofit we might have a 100W 14,000 LED retrofit that will do the same thing but use less wattage...all based on volume (brightness of light) or (lumens) and lumen efficiency.

We want you as a satisfied customer now and in 5 years. We know what works and what does not work. We know how many lumens will work for what you are replacing. Do NOT under size what you are getting you won't be satisfied. Get the right lumen count and lumen efficiency ratio the first time out.


Call The Experts At Neu-Tech Energy Solutions.

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Does Your Utility Company Offer Rebates? Things you need to know.


  • What does DLC premium listed mean?

F.A.Q: What is DLC Premium Certification compared with DLC standard certification?

DLC Premium is a higher-performance classification for luminaires and retrofit kits. Products submitted to the DLC Premium classification must meet higher efficacy and lumen maintenance requirements outlined in the Technical Requirements Table and must also provide a driver ISTMT and information about integral controls, in addition to meeting all of the base requirements. If a manufacturer seeks qualification of its products to the DLC Premium classification, it must provide all the necessary testing to demonstrate the products meet the higher classification’s additional requirements.

In addition to an L70 requirement of ≥50,000 hours, products submitted to the DLC Premium classification will need to meet an L90 of >36,000 hours. This will be evaluated through TM-21 projections in the same manner as the L70 requirements

Only about 5% of the US LED’s lights are Premium listed?  More and more customers are starting to prefer DLC Premium products now. To meet DLC Premium, better materials must be used, Nicha Chips, superior heat sinks to cool the LED’s and both AC & DC, current, voltage and overheating protection.

In other words we only provide the highest quality lighting available that meet the toughest standards and they only take about 30 minutes to install.

Not to confuse you but your lighting supplier should be asking you a lot of these questions in order to provide you the right light at the right price. At Neu-Tech we want you as a customer now and in 5 years. LED lights last a long time and there are several choices available.

Call Neu-Tech Energy Solutions…the LED Retrofit Lighting Experts and let them help you pick out the right light for your application. We have sold tens of thousands of these LED retrofit lights and have a lot of experience. From hotels, hospitals, churches, prisons, office buildings, warehouses and more we can provide you the right light.

Call The Experts At Neu-Tech Energy Solutions.

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