LED Can Light

Check this out...what a great LED Retrofit Light:

We have been waiting on one of these for a long time. Seems like we never could find a great plug and play replacement for these kinds of applications.

New LED Retrofit Works Great For Any Kind Of Under Canopy, Recessed Can, High Bays and more for old 100W to 400W Incandescent or metal halide lamps.

can light LED retrofit  LED Retrofit Applications

New LED High Bay Retrofit                                       Many Applications for this LED Retrofit just to show a few pictures

high bay LED retrofit  can light LED  LED Can Light Driver

Comes with Clear Lens of White Lens Cover          High Powered LED                    Removable Driver


Can Light Description


Product Structure showing all parts. Comes in Medium Base or Mogul Base


This series LED High Bay and Recessed Can light delivers more than 100 lumens per watt in distribution designed for general high bay and recess can lighting replacement. With exceptional life times rated up to 35,000 far exceeding existing metal halides and incandescent lamps. There is zero strike time in this compact lightweight construction.


Low Profile, lightweight design. One for one replacement of 100-400W Metal Halide multi- lamp fluorescent of high bay fixture lamp.

Various Beam angles ( 60-90 or 120 degrees)

Removable Driver for better after sale service

Cold forging Aluminum Housing for better heat dissipation


Interior High Bay, under canopy lighting for gas stations, car dealerships, retail, grocery, hotels and more. Warehouse lighting, municipal, schools.


LED Can Light Spec Sheet

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